Byscuit And Vortex Solution Collaborate On A CMP

Byscuit, an innovative cookie management company, is collaborating with Vortex Solution, a mature company specializing in secure web technologies, to create a secure and modern cookie management tool for its Canadian clients.

A Secure And User-Friendly Platform

Both companies share a common vision of providing reliable and high-quality digital solutions to their customers. Byscuit's CMP is developed by Vortex Solution to meet the highest security standards and comply with data protection regulations, including Quebec's Bill 25.

The platform is designed to meet the specific needs of Byscuit's clients and includes features to easily manage cookies, track file access and control user permissions.

An Ethical And Responsible Collaboration

The collaboration is based on a shared ideal of business ethics, with a commitment to the highest ethical standards in all interactions with customers, business partners and employees. Both companies are committed to ethical and responsible business practices, considering the social and environmental impact of their activities.

Overall, the collaboration between Byscuit and Vortex Solution represents an alliance that combines technological innovation and business ethics to provide customers with secure and privacy-friendly solutions.