Features Of The Byscuit Tool

Byscuit is a CMP that offers a number of features that allow website owners to effectively manage cookies and stay in compliance with privacy regulations.

It is also important to note that Byscuit is a scalable digital solution that continues to develop to meet new regulations and user needs. Regular updates to Byscuit ensure that website owners have the latest functionality to effectively manage cookies and comply with current regulations.

Consent management

Byscuit allows you to customise the cookie consent banner, display cookie information and privacy policies, and allow users to accept or decline cookies.

Cookie Control

Byscuit controls third-party cookies and prevents unauthorised cookies from being placed on the website.


Byscuit customizes the cookie consent banner for you to match the colours and style of the website.

Preference Management

Byscuit allows users to manage their cookie preferences and change their consent at any time.

Regulatory Compliance

Byscuit is designed to comply with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and PIPEDA, and Bill 25 in Quebec, to ensure the protection of users' data.

Consent registration

Byscuit allows for the registration of consent provided by the user.

Analysis reports (in 2024)

Byscuit will offer detailed reports on cookie usage, regulatory compliance, and website performance.