01 Who must comply with Bill 25?

In Quebec, any private company that collects, processes, or communicates personal information on its website is subject to this law.

02 Why must businesses that own a website comply with Bill 25?

To protect user privacy, build user trust, avoid sanctions, ensure transparency, avoid complaints, meet industry standards, enhance the company's reputation, protect against cyber-attacks, meet the requirements of business partners, and reduce legal risks.

03 When does Bill 25 take effect?

The changes introduced by Bill 25 are being phased in over a three-year period until 2024. However, the next date to remember is September 22, 2023. If the first measures were introduced in September 2022, the penalties will become effective in September 2023. The full implementation of the law will then take place on September 22, 2024 

04 Are there financial penalties for non-compliance with Bill 25?

Yes, there are significant financial penalties of up to $10 million for companies that do not comply with the law.?

05 How can Byscuit help me?

Byscuit's mission is to help organizations comply with data protection laws and regulations by effectively managing their cookies.

06 What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user's computer when they visit a website. This file contains information such as the user's preferences, login details and navigation information.

07 What are the advantages of Byscuit?

Byscuit is a bilingual and local tool, with support and development teams based in Canada. It is customizable to your site, integrates with analytics tools, and meets national compliance and security requirements.

08 Are there different types of cookies?

Yes, there are session cookies, persistent cookies, third party cookies, security cookies, performance cookies and functionality cookies. Byscuit handles them all!