The recurring costs associated with using the Byscuit CMP are justified by several factors. First, there is the maintenance fee that ensures the proper functioning and security of the utility. These includes the regular updating of the tool to keep up with new privacy regulations, as well as the resolution of any technical problems that may arise.

Secondly, there are the costs associated with the evolution of this digital solution. As privacy regulations change rapidly, it is important to continually adapt the CMP to remain compliant with the latest regulatory requirements. This necessitates a continuous investment in terms of development and improvement.

Also to be considered are the server expenses required to store user data and ensure a smooth use of the tool. These charges depend on the volume of data stored and the number of users of the program.

Finally, the recurring fees also cover the IT development costs necessary to improve and adapt the CMP to the specific needs of the clients, as well as to provide personalized support to ensure that the clients have the best possible experience with Byscuit.

Overall, the recurring fees associated with the use of the Byscuit CMP are justified by the maintenance, upgrades, server and IT development costs necessary to ensure optimal and secure operation and compliance with privacy regulations.