City of Longueuil Trusts Byscuit for Cookie Management

Longueuil Published at June 6, 2024

A Trusted Collaboration

The City of Longueuil has chosen to trust Byscuit for managing its cookies. This decision reflects our commitment to providing local, secure, and tailored solutions to meet the needs of our Quebec clients.

A 100% Local Tool

At Byscuit, we understand the importance of proximity and responsiveness for our partners. Our cookie management tool is entirely developed and maintained in Quebec. This approach ensures a deep understanding of local standards and requirements, while offering superior quality service.

Data Hosted in Quebec

Data security is at the heart of our concerns. All information collected via our tool is hosted in Quebec, ensuring its protection according to the highest standards of confidentiality and security. Our clients can be assured that their data remains within local jurisdictions, thereby enhancing trust and transparency.

Technical Support in Quebec

Technical support is crucial for the optimal use of our solutions. At Byscuit, our support team is also based in Quebec, providing fast and efficient service. We are proud to meet the specific needs of the City of Longueuil with a dedicated team that understands the local context perfectly.

By choosing Byscuit, the City of Longueuil benefits not only from a local solution but also from a partner fully committed to offering cutting-edge technology and high-quality support. This collaboration allows Longueuil to strengthen its digital sovereignty, ensure data security, and receive personalized service. We are honored to contribute to the innovation and security of the city's digital infrastructure.